Worship on Sunday is at 9:00 in the park.

What is worship like?

During the school year we have three different weekly worships, each with a different style. In the summer we have one Sunday worship in the park. Learn more about Sundays here. More about Wednesday worship here.

What should I wear?

We want you to come as you are and feel comfortable in worship. We are not concerned about what you're wearing, just happy you're here!

What about my kids?

All ages of children are invited to worship! You should never feel like your kids would be a distraction. Learn more about worshipping with kids here.


Do I have to be Lutheran?

Nope. You are welcome here, regardless of your previous church experience. The Good News (a.k.a. the Gospel) is for all people.

What about coffee?

We have it! (And tea, cocoa, water...) In between services (9:30-10:30), stop in the Fellowship Hall for coffee and goodies.



Pastor David Krinke

Pastor David really likes coffee, science, and Pluto (planet or gas giant?). He does not like carrot cake, rhubarb, or nuts in baked goods. If you ever go into his office, good luck making it back out alive.


Carol Copley

Carol is our financial admin. and secretary. She is knowledgeable in all office related things. She also has to put up with way too many shenanigans from Pastor.

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How to find us:

16640 Hwy 60 Blvd
Zumbrota, MN 55992